Ride into a Perennial Agriculture Future: September 2015

I am proposing an invitation to bicycle riders to join me in a Grassroutes Caravan ride to the Prairie Festival at The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, this coming September. I am being accompanied by Chandra Prasad Adhikari, from the lowlands of southern Nepal. A permaculture farmer for 23 years, he is one of the founders of Nepal's organic movement. He has been organizing the country's small farmers in struggle against corporate agriculture and for a sustainable future.

The ride will start in Madison, Wisconsin, and tour through permaculture and other organic farms and activities related to sustainable farming in the Midwest between Madison and Salina, Kansas. It will be a ride of discovery of sustainable farming initiatives throughout the region.

The ride will emphasize intensive learning and sharing with farmers and people working on sustainable farming initiatives. I envision that there will be the singing and theater characterizing other rides that address the issues of agricultural industrialization and creating a sustainable agrarian future. For students, I am hoping that academic credit can be arranged with certain colleges in agroecological and agricultural-anthropological study.

Making its way across four states, this ride will be longer than the usual Grassroutes Caravans. Taking part in the entire ride will require a certain level of commitment, focus of interest and bicycle skill, although each day's ride will be kept to reasonable length. It will differ also in that it will be a serious study tour dealing with a range of topics and issues around a perennial future in addition to other aspects of previous caravans. For those who will not have time for the entire ride you can throw your bike in a box and join or leave it at Amtrak or bus stops along the way. I'm planning on breaking it into thematic segments for those wish to take part in only one part of the ride. In the approach into Salina it may converge with similar caravans. There are Amtrak stations about 50 miles north and south of Salina as well, and also in Kansas City KS and MO.

If you are unfamiliar with The Land Institute, it was founded by Wes Jackson, one of the four pillars of natural farming and permaculture along with Masanobu Fukuoka, Bill Mollison and Bhaskar Save. Its mission is to domesticate wild perennial forms of the world's annual food crops and create an ecologically based truly permanent agriculture situated within sustainable communities. Thousands of people from all walks of life -- farmers, professors and their students, philosophers and theologians, musicians and story tellers, the old and the young -- gather each year at the end of September in Salina Kansas at the Land Institute's Prairie Festival for what they affectionately call an "intellectual hootenanny," of barn dancing, song, discussion, presentations and a general meeting of minds, spirit and will on all aspects of a perennial future.


Rad Intentional Community Bike Ride to Anarchist Book Fair, Sept. 2012

Greetings Earth Dwellers!

We will leave Stevens Point on Monday Sept. 10th at 10:00 a.m. from the Stevens Point Down town square on Main Street (where the farmers market is), and bike a total of 180 miles to the Twin Cities in Minnesota for the Anarchist book fair and week o' action!

The first day we will bike about 35 miles, and the next days will be 50, 50, and 45 miles approximately (never more than 55 miles in a day)! The return bike ride will leave Monday Sept. 17th, and arrive Friday Sept. 21st (projected); this will be the same path and same distance unless we collectively decide otherwise (or just go and do your own thing:))

We can help with arranging bikes and bike maintenance/bike maintenance workshops before hand, but you will need to be prepared to carry your own sleeping gear, clothes and some snacks (as well as divvying-up some of the food between us) for the ride; we are currently not solidifying a support vehicle for this ride. We look to fundraise and make a comprehensive and user-friendly zine complete with directions, articles on anarchy, etc. If you believe in the ability of a community to self-organize, and the freedom to live the way you desire, you embody some kind of anarchy... anarchy doesn't mean chaos for me and many folks, it simply means no rulers, no hierarchy! So you are invited to be a part of our intentional community where we make decisions based consensus, and host a rad bike ride asserting our general rights to be. If you want more info, and/or want to get on the conference call, please e-mail:


There will be some sort of "points-of-agreement" that is written-up by all involved parties, as well rider application; this will be an inclusive and creative process! If some of us are on radically different pages, then there is nothing wrong with multiple bike ride contingents... in fact that could be awesome!

Thanks for your time, rad cats! Yow!:)Let's organize together!

Peas, Love, and the Beauty of Self-Organizing,

GRC potluck and reunion August 1st!

Greetings GRC riders past, present and future!

There will be another GRC reunion/potluck/thank-you card signing party at Chakra Sonica, 1218 E. Mifflin, on Wednesday, August 1st under the light of the full moon. All GRC riders are invited to participate, whether you went on the Soular Ride or the Chicago ride this year, or not! We will share food, stories and photos and have beautiful thank you cards printed at Lakeside Press, for everyone to sign and then send out to our faithful sponsors and hosts of the village.

If you are interested in helping to envision and organize this gathering, please be in touch with either Seth or Thistle. Hope many of you from our village family can make it! It will start at 6 PM and likely culminate in a camp fire in the back garden.

Seth sethetristan@gmail.com
Thistle thistle@riseup.net

Come send off the village on Mother's Day from the Willy Street Co-op on the east side!

We will be massing up into our village and leaving from the Willy Street Co-op, 1221 Williamson Street, at 10:30 AM on Sunday, May 13th in Madison, WI. Would love to see you before we leave!

Benefit Kick-Off a great success! Thank you Madison! Riders are coming in from La Crosse, Stevens Point and Austin!!!

Thank you to the Weary Traveler, Nessala Kombucha, Ha Long Bay, Alchemy Cafe, Lakeside Press, Crimethinc, Sector 67, Mickey's, Tex Tubb's Taco Palace, WORT 89.9 FM, Family Farm Defenders, Community Pharmacy and Madison Food Not Bombs for food and prizes for last night's kick-off celebration. Stay tuned for more news about the ride!!

May 5 Kickoff


Cycles of Revolution Ride Teach-In & Potluck; Stevens Point WI; Sun. April. 15th;Portage Cty. Library; 1pm

Come check-out the Cycles of Revolution Ride Teach-in and Potluck, Sunday, April. 15th, at 1:00 p.m. in the Portage Cty. Public Library Pineries Rm., of Stevens Point, WI!

Learn more about how you can join the intentional community bicycle journey from Madison to the NATO Protests in Chicago!

*Basic Bicycle Maintenance

*Travel plans to get to Madison for ride departure and prep-day the day prior (May. 12th)

*Discuss what to Bring

*Points of Agreement and Rider Application

*The Zine!

*Eat some good free food and meet some cool cats

for a Stevens Point contact, e-mail Krow at: wildorganic@gmx.com

The Zine is out!

For the latest, greatest, up-to-datest information on the ride, check out our zine!

Next Teach-in about the bike ride to Chicago will be Saturday, April 14th at 2 PM!

What? Teach-in about Cycles of Revolution ride to Chicago
Where? UW Madison campus, TITU (check Today In The Union for exact room number) It will be in Union South or the Memorial Union.
When? Saturday, April 14th at 2 PM

All are invited to learn more about this year's ride to the NATO protests in Chicago. Even if you can't get off work or school for the ride, there is much to be done to support this caravan of cyclists leaving from Madison, traveling to Milwaukee and then to Chicago by bicycle May 13th-22nd.

Cycles of Revolution: ¡Brake the Banks! ride info session at UW-Madison

WHAT: Event: Cycles of Revolution: ¡Brake the Banks! ride info and organizing session
WHEN: Thursday, March 22, 6:30-7:30 PM
WHERE: UW Union South (check TITU for room)
COST: Free and open to the public.

The public is invited to come learn about the Cycles of Revolution: ¡Brake the Banks! bike ride to the NATO protests in Chicago, May 13th – 22nd. A powerpoint presentation will be followed by Q&A. The ride is sponsored by the Grassroutes Caravan, which seeks to build mobile villages of resilience and fight for social justice while promoting sustainable means of transportation.

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